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We are happy to announce a new IPM Service "ASK IPM" for its students and parents. The idea is to provide a forum to IPM students to ask questions about IPM problems . We know IPM syllabus is little tough and there may not be coaching facilities available in all places so this is your chance to get your problems answered by IPM itself. Some important information about this service .

  1. Currently we are launching this on pilot basis for next 1 month so it will be free for now. Based on complexities , effectiveness we will announce its pricing later on . 
  2. For now are launching it for std 2 to 4 but will soon be rolled out for more standards
  3. The idea is to provide a platform for the student to answer a question , which could be answered by IPM , some teachers or fellow students. Students for a particular standard will be able to see all question being asked and all the answers 
  4. The question strictly needs to be on that forum for that standard . We wont answer questions over email or phone calls. 
  5. Question could be in form of text or scanned image . The answer would be in form of text , image of even a video . Be as specific as possible like 'how to solve questions like Std 4 , 2004 Final oaper , Question 9 ? ' etc. 
  6. This service is available on ASK IPM menu option on the main menu. 
  7. During pilot phase , expect an answer in 1-2 weeks from the day of you raising the question  However as we progress, you can expect answer in 1-2 days

Enjoy this initiative and please send your feedback to us This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  


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Institute for Promotion of Mathematics is a unique Institute working since 1996 for school going children. We, at the  Institute, realize and understand that the present education set-up does not give the student enough opportunity to tackle  mathematical problems outside the routine path of school examinations. Hence, the Mathematics Scholarship Examination  syllabus comprises of thought provoking and challenging topics, thus exposing some fascinating facets of mathematics. The  syllabus strives towards making the generally dreaded Maths Fun and Easy.

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